The World's Most Innovative Companies 2006 - Published in April 2006. US weekly magazine BusinessWeek teamed up with The Boston Consulting Group to produce the second annual ranking of the world's 100 most innovative companies. More than 1,000 senior managers responded to the global survey, making it the deepest management survey to date on this critical issue.

BusinessWeek's Global 1200 - Published in December 2005. US magazine BusinessWeek says that amid the rapid technological and economic shifts of our hypercompetitive world, here's a surprise: The top multinationals remain amazingly stable. Eight of the 10 companies that head up BusinessWeek's Global 1200, a ranking of corporations worldwide by stock market value, are the same ones that made the top 10 last year. In fact, General Electric, ExxonMobil, and Microsoft, collectively worth $1 trillion, didn't budge from the top three spots. Health-care products maker Johnson & Johnson and consumer-products maker Procter & Gamble) moved into the top group, while financial services giant HSBC Holdings and drugmaker Pfizer dropped out. One big reason for such stability: Fund managers like to hang on to these "mega caps" to counter the volatility of their riskier stocks.

World's Top 1,000 Manufacturers - Published each June by the US magazine IndustryWeek: Use the free database to view the entire tenth annual IW 1000 list of the world's largest publicly held manufacturing firms -- based on 2004 revenues
The Fortune 2005 Global 500 - Fortune says that it was much harder to join the ranks of the world's largest companies this year—the revenue required to make the list jumped 15% to $12.4 billion. Wal-Mart Stores heads the revenue rankings with BP in second place. ExxonMobil heads the profit rankings, making $10bn more profit than BP, with a turnover of $14bn lower than the UK oil giant.

The Forbes Global 2000 Companies 2005 - Forbes says that the 2,000 corporate titans, get a composite ranking from four metrics: sales, profits, assets and market value.
The 2005 Fortune 500 - Fortune's ranking of America's largest companies. Complete listings of all 500 companies, plus company profiles with full list and industry data, up-to-date stock information. Some information is only available to subscribers
The World's Most Respected Companies - Produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published in the Financial Times in November 2005. Ratings by company CEOs of companies, business leaders and management gurus. Legendary management visionary Peter Drucker heads the latter category. The survey was carried out weeks before Drucker's death at the age of 95.
R&D Scorecard: Global Top 1,250 Companies 2006 - Published by the UK Department of Trade and Industry on October 30 2006. US firms dominate; 82% of R&D is from companies based in the USA, Japan, Germany, France and the UK.
Europe's Top 500 Growth Companies - Europe’s 500 pan-European ranking of high growth, job-creating companies, published by Europe’s 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth and supported by Microsoft and KPMG.
BusinessWeek's InfoTech 100 Companies - The big trends ahead and a ranking of the Top 100 Info Tech companies.
The BusinessWeek 50 -BusinessWeek on its methodology: Evolution has been a hallmark of the BusinessWeek 50 ever since we created the ranking back in 1997. One of our goals was to capture the dynamic nature of strong growth. It's reflected in how we identify the best of the S&P 500. We use 10 performance metrics, starting with sales and earnings growth. We tally both for the most recent 12-month and three-year periods, to reward companies that can prosper over time. As a gauge of how well management deploys its resources, we factor in net profit margins and return on equity. And finally we account for the market's view, by measuring total shareholder returns for one- and three-year periods.
The FT Global 500 - Available via subscription from the Financial Times
The Top 1,000 Companies operating in Ireland - From global companies such as Microsoft, Dell, HP and Intel to Irish controlled operations.

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