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Irish Tax 2006 and 2005 Budget 2006 - Presented Dec 2005
Irish Tax Data/Statistics Tax as % of GDP in OECD Countries
Irish Revenue Online Global Tax Competitiveness
Taxation in the EU25 1995-2004; Tax revenue ranged from 29% of GDP in Lithuania and Latvia to 51% in Sweden; Ireland's tax burden was 30.2% in 2004
OECD's Taxing Wages Report 2006: Tax wedges on earnings vary sharply in OECD countries; Ireland among lowest KPMG Global Company Tax Report 2006: Average corporate tax rates in the EU fell to 25.04% in 2005
IFSC - Dublin's Offshore Financial Services Centre Patent Tax Exemption - Bonanza for Ireland & US Firms

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Irish and Global Economy

Irish Economy

Global Economy - OECD, Country Profiles etc

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Information on European Union


Our reports are selected as issues that we believe are important for our visitors. They are usually selections from our news service

Links to current reports can be found on the left-side column of the homepage and in the last category in the central column.

Archived reports are found here.

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