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Top 10 of world’s 250 largest consumer products companies account for 30% of sales
By Michael Hennigan, Finfacts founder and editor
Apr 22, 2015 - 7:28 AM

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The world’s 250 largest consumer products companies generated sales of nearly $3.1tn in fiscal year 2013 (which encompasses fiscal years ended through June 2014), despite economic uncertainty. The top 10 firms accounted for almost 30% of revenues.

Minimum sales for inclusion in the world’s 250 largest consumer products companies is $3bn and Total Produce, the fruits and vegetables importer and distributor, is the only Irish entry at a rank of 215. Denmark has 5 entries with Arla Foods at 61 with sales of $13bn; Carlsberg at 66; Lego A/S at 14 of the top 50 fastest growing companies and Bestseller A/S at 41 of the fastest 50.

Nine companies joined the Top 250 for the first time in 2013, five of which are Chinese.

Samsung of South Korea is on top followed by Apple and Nestlé, the Swiss food and beverages group.

The 10 largest food, drink, and tobacco companies also are dominated by European and American companies, with the list again headed by Nestlé. The names remained the same as in 2012. The only change among the sector’s top 10 in 2013 involved the lone Latin American company, JBS, which continues to drive growth primarily through acquisitions. As a result, the Brazil-based meat processor moved ahead of AB InBev in the ranking and became the tenth-largest consumer products company in the world

Nearly 70% of the companies generated sales of less than $10bn: 104 companies had sales between $3bn and $5bn, while 68 companies achieved sales between $5bn and $10bn. Less than 10% of the Top 250 reported sales of more than $25bn (23 companies).

The data comes from Deloitte's Global Powers of Consumer Products 2015 report which was published this month.

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