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New Irish car sales down in ten months of 2013
By Finfacts Team
Nov 1, 2013 - 3:47 PM

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New Irish car sales for October were up 2% on October last year while sales for the year are still down 6%, according to SIMI, the industry lobby group.

Sales in October amounted to 1,696 cars, 2.3% up on the number sold in the same month of last year and the number of vehicles sold between in the year to October was 73,395, down 6.3% than in the same period of 2012.

Sales in the second half of the year have been boosted by the launch of a split-year registration system, which results in new registration peaks in January and July of each year.

Suzanne Sheridan, SIMI press officer, said: ""While the industry had a boost from the mid-year 132 number plate, it doesn't hide the fact that it has been a very difficult year with sales about half of normal levels."

"However, car dealers are now gearing up for the new year and with a forecast for economic growth next year, the industry is already offering customers deals on '141 cars.' Many dealers are already reporting enquiries for new cars for January."

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