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Irish Economy 2013: Emigration by Irish nationals jumps in year to April
By Finfacts Team
Aug 29, 2013 - 12:14 PM

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Irish Economy 2013: Total emigration from Ireland in the year to April 2013 is estimated to have reached 89,000, an increase of 2.2% on the 87,100 recorded in the previous year according to the CSO. Emigration by Irish nationals jumps

The number of immigrants also increased over the same 12 month period from 52,700 to 55,900 (or 6.0%). This has resulted in total net outward migration remaining broadly constant with the previous twelve month period (33,100 compared with 34,400 respectively). However, among Irish nationals, net outward migration is estimated to have increased significantly, rising from 25,900 to 35,200, while that of non-Irish nationals is estimated to have changed from net outward (-8,400) to net inward (2,100).

The number of births in the period was 70,500 while the number of deaths was 29,700, resulting in a natural increase of the population of 40,800, a fall of 4,100 on the previous year's figure of 44,900.

The combined effect of natural increase and negative net migration resulted in an overall small increase in the population of 7,700 bringing the population estimate to 4.59 million in April 2013.

Other main features of the 2013 figures are: 

  • Of the 89,000 people who emigrated in the year to April 2013, Irish nationals were the largest group accounting for 50,900 or 57.2%;
  • The estimated number of people aged 14 years and under now exceeds a million (1,007,700) for the first time since 1987;
  • The population increase of 0.2% was unevenly distributed across the regions, with the South-East showing the strongest growth at 0.9% and the Mid-West showing the largest decrease of 0.6%.
  • 24.6% (21,900) of emigrants went to the UK while 17.3% (15,400) went to Australia.

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