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Irish Economy 2013: New cars licensed in May 2013 down 11.2%
By Finfacts Team
Jun 7, 2013 - 3:27 PM

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Irish Economy 2013: There were 7,095 new private cars licensed in May 2013, compared with 7,986 in May 2012, a drop of 11.2%. The CSO also reported that the number of new goods vehicles licensed in May 2013 was 1,174, up 11.9% from May 2012.

The licensing figures also show that:

  • In May 2013, the total number of all vehicles licensed was 14,996 compared with 14,412 in the corresponding month last year – an increase of 4.1%;
  • The total number of all new vehicles licensed during May 2013 was 9,070 compared with 9,895 during the same month in 2012 - a decrease of 8.3%;
  • In May 2013, the total number of used (imported) private cars licensed was 4,601 compared with 3,394 during May 2012 - an increase of 35.6%;
  • In May 2013, of the 7,095 new private cars licensed, 1,811 (25.5%) were petrol and 5,231 (73.7%) were diesel:
  • The highest number of new private cars licensed in May 2013, classified by make, was Volkswagen (909) followed by Hyundai (787), Ford (644) and Toyota (635).

Alan Nolan, director general of SIMI, the industry group, said this month: "The May figures are continuing the trend of what has been a very poor year, the Year to Date figure being 14.5% down on the first five months of last year. It is clear that there has been even less spending in the Domestic Economy this year than in recent years, which were not good to begin with.”

Nolan continued; β€œAt this time of year the Motor Industry is usually beginning to ease down, as the second half of the year approaches, and traditionally sales begin to tail off until the New Year. This year with the new '132' registration period beginning on the July 1st, there are now real benefits for consumers buying at this time of year and the Industry is gearing up for some extra interest and activity in July. Certainly June should be a really good shopping month for consumers, with great offers and trade-in values to buy in June, as well as the potential for a new 132 plate."

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