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Irish new cars licensed dipped 13.6% in April
By Finfacts Team
May 7, 2013 - 4:43 PM

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The CSO said today that there were 8,113 new private cars licensed in April 2013, compared with 9,388 in April 2012, a dip of 13.6%.

The number of new goods vehicles licensed in April 2013 was 1,129, up 7.8% from April 2012.

The licensing figures also show that:

  • In April 2013, the total number of all vehicles licensed was 15,567 compared with 15,417 in the corresponding month last year – an increase of 1.0%. 
  • The total number of all new vehicles licensed during April 2013 was 10,057 compared with 11,263 during the same month in 2012 - a decrease of 10.7%.
  • In April 2013, the total number of used (imported) private cars licensed was 4,398 compared with 3,193 during April 2012 - an increase of 37.7%.
  • In April 2013, of the 8,113 new private cars licensed, 2,115 (26.1%) were petrol and 5,950 (73.3%) were diesel. 
  • The highest number of new private cars licensed in April 2013, classified by make, was Volkswagen (1,138) followed by Toyota (942), Ford (675) and Renault (624). 

Alan Nolan, SIMI director general, said last week: "Given that 130,000 new cars are sold in a 'normal' year, the market is operating at about half of normal levels. This is unsustainable. With consumer confidence and spending still showing no real signs of recovering anytime soon and with much uncertainty among the public sector around Croke Park 2, this has impacted on the new car market."

"The good news for people thinking of buying a car is that new car prices have fallen. The average price of a new car today is 10% cheaper than in 2007 and consumers are encouraged to shop around to avail of the many deals that are on offer."

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