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FDI into western Europe declined between March and May 2014
By Michael Hennigan, Finfacts founder and editor
Jul 21, 2014 - 1:48 AM

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FDI (foreign direct investment) into western Europe has declined between March and May 2014, according to data recorded by greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, a unit of fDi Intelligence, which is owned by The Financial Times.

fDi Markets says that in March, 228 foreign companies invested in 254 projects in western Europe, spending $11.34bn and creating 20,458 jobs. In April, the number of new projects dropped to 249 by 217 companies, and continued to fall to 188 projects by 164 companies in May.

Capital investment dipped to $5.63bn in April, down 50.4% from March. There was a slight rise in May, with a capital investment of $6.21bn.

The number of jobs created also saw a fall in May, with 15,535 jobs created, a decline of 24.1% from March.

The US was the main investor  in western Europe and the United Arab Emirates saw the largest drop of FDI into western Europe between March and April. The country was responsible for $117m worth of western Europe-destined FDI in April, a decline of 95.3% from March levels of $2.48bn.

The software and IT services sector remained the most important sectors with projects falling from 50 in March to 34 projects in May.

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