UK economist Kevin Gardiner, who now works for Barclays Capital, in 1994 coined the term Celtic Tiger, comparing Ireland's unexpected economic take-off to the Asian tiger economies.

Kevin was then working with US investment bank Morgan Stanley (Kevin Gardiner, 'The Irish Economy: a Celtic tiger', MS Euroletter, 31 August 1994).

"Celtic Tiger" as a metaphor for the Irish economic boom is very widely used, both in Ireland and internationally. Economic historians will continue to find it a convenient term for the unique period in the history of Ireland, for many decades to come.

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Budget and Economic Statistics Ireland (pdf) - 2010 Economics & Financial data to Sept 2010; Multi-year data covering a multiplicity of areas.
Irish Central Bank: Compendium of Economic Statistics 2010 (pdf)
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Current Irish Economic Situation - quarterly ESRI report on the Irish economy
ESRI says €15bn savings required for deficit target of 3% by 2014; Preferable to extend deadline to 2016
The invisible Irish unemployed and the challenge of creating 180,000 net new jobs
Why should the possible intervention of the IMF be viewed as 'scary'?

Ireland: From prosperity to austerity - - Higher taxes and review of Croke Park agreement

Irish GDP and GNP both fell in second quarter of 2010
Irish employment decline slows to 4.1% in the year to Q2 2010; Non-Irish nationals accounted for 12.4% of workforce and 46,800 were unemployed; Net emigration rises to 34,500
Highest Irish net outward migration since the late 1980s
Ireland in a state of chassis

Irish Live Register total increased to 455,000 in August - - new all-time record for third straight month
ESRI forecasts GDP growth of 2.75% in 2011 with GNP at 2.25%; Budget deficit to fall to 10.5% of GDP; Expected Exchequer shortfall is €19.9bn
IMF say after steep slump, Ireland is experiencing a nascent recovery; Return to high growth rates of “Celtic Tiger” unlikely
Irish public sector pay/pensions to rise 16% in period 2005-2010; Pay up 11%: Pensions up 66%; Pensioner numbers rise 43% to 103,400
The Irish Live Register rose by  5,800 to a new all-time record in June 2010: 444,900
Irish Economy: No exit from recession in Q1 2010 as GNP fell in quarter while GDP rose 2.7%; Current account deficit was €1.62bn
Irish Economy: Goodbody revises 2011 growth to 2.8%; Cost of banking crisis may amount to €33bn or 20% of GDP
Irish Economy: Ahern, Harney, McCreevy, Cowen and the other individuals/groups with responsibility for the economic crash
State funding of Irish banks may amount to €32bn - - 1 year's tax receipts; Banks accused of "reckless" lending and "shoddy practices"
Irish Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product fell 7.1% and 11.3% in 2009 -- the largest decline in output ever recorded in a single year since at least 1950; Economy back to 2003 level
Davy says Ireland was never a wealthy country; High income in 2000-2008 largely wasted
Irish full-time employment fell by 193,200 in 2009; Unemployment rate rose to 13.1%
NAMA Business Plan: Government forecasts Irish “bad bank” profit of €4.8bn by 2020; €15bn worth of loans will default; Adviser fees of €2.64bn expected
ESRI paper confirms Irish public/private pay premium for comparable jobs jumped from 14% to 26% in 2003/2006

Irish Economy: Davy forecasts GNP growth of 4% in 2011; Ireland to exit recession in Q1 2010
The Euro and Irish Economic Crash  - - Why Spain's big banks fared better
The Waste Land - - Bord Snip, Irish Public Spending Transparency and the motto "Never do anything for the first time"
Ireland: A "smart" economy in food better than pie-in-the-sky aspirations?
Political and economic reform in conservative Ireland and the promise of an "everlasting boom"
Global Irish Economic Forum and branding Ireland: Green Party minister Eamon Ryan is both for and against science
Commission on Taxation Report 2009 - - Proposals on Irish tax overhaul
ESRI paper says 196,000 Irish households may be in negative equity by the end of 2010
Lenihan presents 2009 Revised Estimates for Public Services to Dáil; Bruton says "archaic system of budgeting” does not have “a single target”
New approach needed to fix broken Irish political system
Home Truths on Irish Exports as Ireland faces a changed global economy in the decade ahead
Ireland and Japan; the Human Cost of broken political systems
Irish Economy 2009: Cowen says Irish standard of living likely to drop by 10-12% in coming years; However, that is the estimate for the lucky ones

Irish Economy 2009: Cowed Cowen promises "fightback" from bewildered Government

Irish Economy 2009: Talk to Joe! - - the asymmetric national agony aunt for confusing times - - and Cowen's €2 billion Budget
Irish public sector pay excluding pensions exceeds private sector pay by 10% for top jobs to up to 30% for other grades
Dublin's Grafton Street overtakes London and Tokyo to take a top 5 position in the ranking of the world's most expensive shopping streets
Innovation, The Venturesome Economy and Ireland
Urgent need for more transparency from Irish banks
Cowen heads for China; Irish-owned firms' share of Ireland's exports to China in 2007 was as low as 6.7%
Irish Economy: Keynes advice for Cowen when capital development of a country becomes by-product of a casino

Irish Public Sector Pensions' bill jumped €743m to €1.8bn in 5 years to 2008 - up 66.5% compared with pay rise of 45.4%

Greatest Bubble in History: Warnings ignored in US and Ireland; Vacant Irish housing units rise 150% to 350,000 in period 2002/08
Irish Economy: Proposals on developing coherent policy action to deal with the economic emergency
Cowen heads for China; Irish-owned firms' share of Ireland's exports to China in 2007 was as low as 6.7%
Irish Economy: State bank guarantee tolls the death knell of the Celtic Tiger; Fairytale ends debunking the myths and exposing the reality of foundations built on quicksand - - Comprehensive overview of economy in crisis
Irish Public Spending: Pre- IT/Web official policy prevails - hide as much information as possible from taxpayers
Ireland is faced with new challenges as the US financial sector faces retrenchment and transformation
Analysis: Irish Economy - Cowen and the 100 days' milestone - a Political Pygmy amongst the Oireachtas Lilliputians
Whitaker Tribute Conference: International academic says Ireland’s economic institutions “seem inherently quite vulnerable to corruption, special pleading, ‘jobs for the boys’ and other such undesirable distortions"
Irish Services Strategy Group Report: Political whitewash ignores overwhelming dominance of foreign-owned firms in Irish service exports thereby neutering strategy for Irish firms
Irish Economy: Irish media and holding ministers to account
International house price comparison index for 2007 ranks Dublin, Ireland and Beverly Hills, California for world's most expensive comparable management level family homes
ESRI says the Irish economy will experience a recession in 2008 - the first time since 1983; Dramatic slowdown will result in sharp rise in public finances deficit
Analysis - Recession Ireland 2008: It may be like a Feast and a Famine as Celtic Tiger declared dead but all is not lost
ESRI Medium-Term Review 2008-2015: Irish economy to grow at 3.75% annual rate; Business services exports very sensitive to Ireland’s competitiveness
Irish Economy: Davy cuts 2008 growth to 1% and 2009 to 2% because of tighter credit availability, exchange rate appreciation and no interest rate relief
The Irish Mind and the Knowledge Economy: Should we bank everything on fuzzy leprechaunic political dreams?
Ulster Bank lowers forecast of Irish economic growth in 2008 to 0.5%; ECB to keep benchmark rate on hold at 4%
Irish Economy: The Celtic Tiger party ends with a hangover; Rising to the challenge
Goodbody Stockbrokers slashes Irish economic growth in 2008 to 1.1% on consumer spending slowdown; Commercial  building  likely  to  fall  in  2009; 15.7% of workforce are of foreign origin
Incoming Taoiseach Brian Cowen says Ireland has lost competitiveness in recent years; Concerned at the very significant payments being made to senior business people
Central Bank cuts Irish economic forecasts for 2008 and 2009
Irish Economy: IBEC and understanding the world East of Suez
Irish full-time employment in manufacturing and internationally traded services fell 10,297 in the period 2000-2007 while the total workforce expanded by 605,000
Irish investors were the second biggest net investors in Commercial property across Europe in 2007
Europe's Housing Markets: Standard & Poor's says Pain in Spain, Ireland and UK; Benign outlook in France
International Monetary Fund says Central Banks should have more focus on home prices; House prices in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, and France 30% higher than justified by fundamentals
AIB Bank says Irish economy will recover in 2009/2010; House prices need to fall to 2005 level
Ireland's Celtic Tiger 2005: Built to last or on a foundation of quicksand? - Despite the apparent golden scenario, there is a very evident sense that Ireland is currently operating in two parallel universes.
EU and Eurozone Inflation - including Irish inflation and other EU member countries
International House Price Comparisons 1970-2006: Irish price growth in 36-year period third highest among 18 Developed Countries

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