Groucho Marx on Savings Bonds and Taxes!
Wolf (Groucho):
Oh, hop in here. There's a few things I'd like to discuss with you. What I am about to say is intended for your ears alone.
Oh, Wolf!
Martha, dear, there are many bonds that will hold us together through eternity.
Really, Wolf? What are they?
Your Government Bonds, your Savings Bonds, your Liberty Bonds---and maybe in a year or two after we're married---
Who knows? There may be a little baby bond.
Oh, it all seems so wonderful! Tell me, Wolfie, dear, will we have a beautiful home?
Of course. You're not planning on moving, are you?
No. But I'm afraid after we're married a while, a beautiful young girl will come along and---you'll forget all about me.
Don't be silly. I'll write you twice a week.

The 1933 Marx Brothers' movie Duck Soup is generally considered their best. The government of the bankrupt Balkan state of Freedonia gets a new president Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho) and goes to war with neighbouring state Sylvania

Cabinet Meeting

Minister of Labor:
The Department of Labor wishes to report that the workers of Freedonia are demanding shorter hours.
Very well, we'll give them shorter hours. We'll start by cutting their lunch hour to twenty minutes. And now, gentlemen, we've got to start looking for a new Treasurer.
Minister of Labor:
But you appointed one last week!
That's the one I'm looking for.
Secretary of War:
Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Enough of this. How about taking up the tax?
How about taking up the carpet?
Secretary of War:
I still insist we must take up the tax.
He's right. You've got to take up the tacks before you can take up the carpet.
Secretary of War (now exasperated):
I give all my time and energy to my duties and what do I get?
You get awfully tiresome after a while.
Secretary of War:
Sir, you try my patience!
I don't mind if I do. You must come over and try mine sometime.
Secretary of War:
That's the last straw. I resign! I wash my hands of the whole business.
That's a good idea. You can wash your neck, too.
In a subsequent scene, the new Secretary of War Chicolini( Marx brother Chico) is discussing the funding of the war:
Minister of Finance:
Something must be done! War would mean a prohibitive increase in our taxes.

Hey, I got an uncle lives in Taxes.
Minister of Finance:
No, I'm talking about taxes - money, dollars.
Dollas! There's-a where my uncle lives. Dollas, Taxes!
Minister of Finance:

Ardent Marxists can find more of Groucho and friends at:

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