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Fortune Magazine's September 2002 Issue:

You Bought. They Sold
Meet the 25 companies with the greediest executives. Of the big companies whose stocks dropped 75% or more from their boom-time peak, these are the ones where officers and directors took out the most money via stock sales from January 1999 through May 2002. An exclusive study by FORTUNE, Thomson Financial, and the University of Chicago’s Center for Research in Securities Pricing.

Rank Company Total Sold Top Seller
1 Qwest Communications $2.26 billion Philip Anschutz
2 Broadcom $2.08 billion Henry Samueli
3 AOL Time Warner $1.79 billion Steve Case
4 Gateway $1.27 billion Ted Waitt
5 Ariba $1.24 billion Rob DeSantis
6 JDS Uniphase $1.15 billion Kevin Kalkhoven
7 i2 Technologies $1.03 billion Sanjiv Sidhu
8 Sun Microsystems $1.03 billion Bill Joy
9 Enron $994 million Lou Pai
10 Global Crossing $951 million Gary Winnick
11 Charles Schwab $951 million Charles Schwab
12 Yahoo $901 million Tim Koogle
13 Cisco Systems $851 million John Chambers
14 Peregrine Systems $818 million John Moores
15 Sycamore Networks $726 million Gururaj Deshpande
16 Nextel Communications $615 million Craig McCaw
17 Foundry Networks $582 million Bobby Johnson
18 Juniper Networks $557 million Scott Kriens
19 Infospace $541 million Naveen Jain
20 Commerce One $531 million Thomas Gonzales
21 AT&T $475 million John Malone
22 Network Appliance $470 million David Hitz
23 Inktomi $431 million Paul Gauthier
24 Priceline $417 million Jay Walker
25 Vignette $413 million Ross Garber
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