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Many people in Ireland are travelling more than once a year be it on business or on holidays… you only need to make one trip abroad to realise how expensive travel insurance can be.

Most private health insurance policies already have cover for medical expenses abroad. AIB Travel Insurance is designed so that customers don’t have to pay twice and only buy the cover they need. Members of VIVAS Health, BUPA and VHI can all make a saving and the options available are not just limited to annual policies.

Many people believe that if they own a credit card, especially a gold card, and use it to book their holiday, they have automatic travel insurance.

This is not necessarily the case. Various credit cards have different benefits and you cannot assume that should you fall ill, have your camera stolen or get stranded at your holiday destination that your gold card has automatically provided you with a certain level of travel cover.

For example AIB and Bank of Ireland, which have about 80 per cent of the Irish credit card market, do not have the same travel cover or conditions for their respective gold cards.

Some cards only make a payout in respect of death and loss of a limb.

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Multitrip Worldwide up to 65 Adult    Couple    Family Maximum Medical   Expenses Cover Add.
Personal Accident Cover Winter
 Sports  Inc?
AA*                              €69          €137        €172      €11 million     up to €1,500 €32,000 NO +€16 per person
ACE                        €71 €102 €110 €5 million €20 per day max €400 €25,000 NO +€25
Aer Lingus         -   No longer offer multitrip policy
AIB Insurances** €43 (€81 - excl health ins policy) €61(€116 - excl health ins policy) €84(€125 - excl health ins policy) €6.35 million €25 per day max €500 €30,000

No +18 per family

Bank of Ireland €107 €155 €165 €6,35 million €2,500 €30,000 YES
Eagle Star €115 €140 €160 €2.5 million - €32,000 NO +€25
EBS €78 €112 €121 €5.0 million - €25,000 NO
Ebookers - Gold

-cheaper options also available

€73 €123 €159 €10 million up to €3,000 €35,000 17 days FREE winter sports cover
GetcoverGold*** €69 €207 €277**** €10 million €25 per day up to €1,000 €40,000 NO
Ryanair €54 €79 €99 €3.3 million €17 per day up to €500 €25,000  
VHI €69 €69 €95 €5m + €2 m for repatriation - €40,000 NO +€26 per person

*Includes discount of 20% for AA Members and AA Car Insurance Policyholders

**Includes 10% discount for booking online

***Adult 18-44 years

***Discount for Health Insurance subscribers

****Getcover - Family comprises 2 children


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