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In making our selection, we have used the criteria benchmark of a busy business professional based in Ireland, Europe and also other World locations, who needs to have access to quality information ranging from business to social interests, with minimum hassle. 

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There are quality individual sites not listed here. However a business portal such as Finfacts provides access to a very wide rage of business/financial information and search engines. The criterion of minimum time-wasting is a very important one !

The sites are listed alphabetically

1) Amazon-the site of the world's biggest bookstore with recommendations, reviews, bestseller lists and more. 

2) BBR Internet Wine Shop-the online store of London's oldest wine vendor Berry Bros. & Rudd offering over 1300 carefully selected labels. You can have door-to-door delivery, pick up at a UK airport or within the EU, from an independent agent.

The Virtual Vintage Chart on the site gives wines from 1846 to 1997 an average quality grading out of ten and a drinking classification from Laying Down to Showing Age. There is also an Interactive Vintage Chart from 1977-2003.

A Berry Bros. & Rudd wine shop was opened in Dublin in 1999.

3) Business Week-the online version of the world's largest selling business magazine provides compelling analyses that covers a wide range of issues including daily news and e-commerce written in a lively inspirational style.

4) CNET Tech News-the Web's most popular tech news service together with software downloads and an extensive resource for Web builders

5) The Economist-among the world's leading English language business and political news magazines.

6) EU Business-provides a wide range of news and features on developments in the European Union. 

7) Financial Times-excellent resource for the business professional. 

8) Finfacts-the site which provides the Irish business user with access to the widest range of business information on the Web: same-day share price updates, comparative interest rates and funds rankings, breaking news and much more...

9) Top 10 Business Sites Selections-top 10 lists from workshops of the UK company RBA Information Services. The workshops are held regularly and the sites selected generally have a European/UK focus. 

10) Wall Street Executive Library-this US site is a very useful gateway to business related sites. It  is divided into categories that include newspapers, government, statistics and the economy, and marketing and advertising. Users can link to more than 850 other websites that provide business news, facts, and information.

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