Digital Taylorism: Amazon's chief rejects depiction of "soulless, dystopian workplace"
High EU youth unemployment rate not as bad as it seems
US jobs rose by 215,000 in July; Unemployment rate stable at 5.3%
Irish chartered accountants' salary packages surge 13% in 12 months
Low pay in Ireland; Lowest social security & corporate taxes in Europe
Ireland: Official unemployment rate at 9.8% in May; Broad rate at 19% — 440,000 people
Eurozone unemployment fell by 130,000 in April 2015 — down 849,000 in 12 months
Irish Economy 2015: Sectors to add 200,000 jobs?; Broad jobless rate at 19%
Irish Economy: 41,300 jobs added in 12 months to Q1 2015 - Construction up 19,600
Only one quarter of workers worldwide have stable employment contracts
US added 223,000 jobs in April; Broad jobless rate at 10.8%
Minimum wage levels in OECD countries
Irish Live Register + 90,000 activation scheme numbers at 439,000 in April
Ireland: Coalition drops 2018 full-employment target
More than one-in-five EU part-time workers underemployed; 29% in Ireland
Despite Eurozone recovery 1 in 10 will remain jobless
Fall in collective bargaining main factor in rising German wage inequality
US jobless rate falls to 5.5%; Broad rate at 11%; Participation rate at 1978 level
Global labour market trends portend paradise for some but uncertainty for many workers
Irish Live Register + activation numbers at 440,680 in February; Broad jobless rate at 20%
Eurozone unemployment slightly falls; Germany & Austria below 5%
Low pay and high pay in Ireland
Irish Economy: Only 8% of 90,000 jobs added in 2013/14 in Industry/ ICT sectors
Irish economy adds 29,000 jobs in 2014; Labour force down 10,500; Broad jobless rate 19%
Israel's Startup Nation not a jobs engine; Nor is Irish high tech
US added 257,000 jobs in January; Broad jobless rate at 11.3%
Irish Economy 2015: January Live Register + schemes at 446,000 - broad jobless rate at 21%
Eurozone annual inflation in January at -0.6%; Unemployment rate at 11.4% in December
UK productivity falls; Ireland's apprenticeship system remains a shambles - Part 2
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