Global investors shift focus to China; EM outflows surge to $1tn in 13 months
US, China and UK lead top 25 target countries for foreign direct investment
China's overseas investments to surge; Ireland got €99m of €46bn invested in EU in 2000-2014
Singapore, London and Shanghai top cities for new FDI projects in 2014; Dublin in 11th place
China to invest in Juncker's European investment fund
FDI into Europe at record in 2014; UK on top: Germany location for future investment
Gates Foundation loses in Swiss family's shares coup
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Investment struggles as dividends/ share buybacks at top US firms to exceed $1tn in 2015
Why the Fed may (almost) never raise interest rates
Global investors fear bond/ share bubbles as Faust stalks euro debtors' paradise
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US study on FDI into Ireland flawed; Ambassador says "incredible"
Growth in Europe stunted by capital shortage/ fragmentation
Irish Economy: Davy looks at political risks to economic recovery
Chinese investment into Europe at record high; UK on top, Ireland hopes
Established industries often beat new technology investment returns
China overtook US in 2014 inward investment; Ireland slips on dodgy tax data
Global fund managers turn to US equities, bonds and real estate
Spectre of deflation could prove disastrous for equity markets
Ireland: 'Knowledge box' patent tax rate expected to be 5%
Ireland: Jobs in foreign-owned exporting sector in 2014 below 2000 level
Ireland's ISEQ share index up 14.5% in 2014; Ryanair up 56.5%
Argentina, China head 2014 share price index rises; Denmark best of developed countries
Singapore fDi's Global City of the Future 2014/15; Dublin in fourth place
Ireland not among top 67 destinations for Chinese outbound FDI in 2014
Intel to invest $6bn in Israel with 5% tax rate; To increase 10,000 payroll
Irish Budget 2015: Ibec back in boomtime mode; McKinsey warns of FDI challenges
In 2013 China alone received more FDI inflows than all EU countries together
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