Estonia, Austria, France, Ireland head global alcohol rankings
UK in 28th rank of 30 advanced OECD nations for health resourcing: Economist Intelligence Unit
As China gets wealthier, it’s "determined to get healthier"
Irish health spending among highest of developed world; Consultants best paid
Dr Peter Morici: Hardly time to call Obamacare a success
OECD health spending falls in some countries; Ireland in low usage of generic drugs
VHI €30m victim of overcharging, erroneous payments or possibly fraud, since 2006
Ireland spends 50% above the EU average per capita on drugs
VHI reports 2012 surplus of €54.3m; Health insurance made loss
Dr Peter Morici: Ryan’s health solutions show why Republicans can’t win elections
Generic version of Lipitor withdrawn in US after finding of small glass particles
World Diabetes Day: Sugar tax would have no health benefits says Irish lobby group IBEC
Vhi Healthcare claims net savings of €11.7m in last two years by treating patients at home
Dr Peter Morici: Overturning US health care law could lead to a single-payer system
Vhi Healthcare reports surplus after tax of €7.4m in 2011
Vhi health insurance premiums to rise  by 6% - 12.5%
Obesity impacting health budgets in OECD countries; US adult obesity rates more than doubled to 34% since 1980
American, Canadian and Luxembourger share Nobel medicine prize for immune system discoveries
US employer-sponsored family health insurance premiums in 2011 up 9% to $15,073 - - 30% of median household income
Economic woes impact both Ireland's country reputation and workforce health
Suicide rates jump in Greece and Ireland during financial crisis; Road accidents dip in Europe
Over 800 Irish homes found with high levels of cancer-causing radon gas; Kerry home at highest in Europe
World Health Organisation panel says use of mobile phones “possibly carcinogenic’’
Losses for VHI Healthcare plunged to €3.1m in 2010 from €41.7m in 2009
Longevity offers opportunities to business but not in the short term according to new research
Continuing to offer healthcare to all in Europe will require rationing of medical services according to new research
Markets News Friday: Hedge-fund manager Paulson personally netted $5bn+ in profits in 2010; Aviva raises health premiums 14%
VHI - - the Irish State health insurer - - warns of report recommendations that would be transition to a US-style system
Rising Health Costs: US health care costs in 2009 rose to 17.6% of GDP; Spending rising in OECD countries faster than economic growth
Vhi Healthcare announces health insurance premium hikes of 15%; Plan B Options to cost 45% more