Budget surpluses rare in developed countries from 1980s; Italy, France, Greece had none in 60 and 40 years
Irish per capita net worth at €124,523 in Q3 2014; household debt at €34,846; Earnings €35,830
Ireland: McKinsey not as sanguine as Noonan on debt sustainability
Global debt has risen $57tn or 17% of world GDP since 2007
China's total debt surged to 251% of GDP at end June 2014
Global markets euphoria not reflection of economic reality; Warns on ultra-low rates
Irish SME firms' weighted default rate at 41%; Credit situation like Greece
Ireland remains biggest debtor of the western world
Debt-challenged Eurozone facing long period of low growth
Irish SME debt impairment at 32%; One third of firms have no debt
IMF Fiscal Monitor: Public debt ratios in advanced countries stabilise
Spain, Greece and Ireland had the highest budget deficits in the EU in 2012
IMF: Irish/ Icelandic bank rescues raised public debt ratios over 40 percentage points
Growth, debt and inflation in US and Europe
Top US economists accused of dodgy calculations on debt impact
Germany in audacious move to cut net borrowing in 2014 to 40-year low
Gross borrowing needs of OECD governments projected to rise slightly to $10.9tn in 2013
Eurozone government debt stable at 90.0% of GDP
Argentina faces expulsion by IMF over dodgy national statistics
Taoiseach says Cabinet approved Personal Insolvency Bill which will cut bankruptcy period to 3 years from 12
Central Bank to undertake survey based on a sample of 2,000 Irish households with mortgage debt
IMF says price of assets regarded as safe on the rise; Cost of ageing populations to add to debt burdens
Japan's current-account surplus plunged in 2011
Greece’s debt rose to 159.1% of GDP in Q3 of 2011 from 138.8% year earlier; Ireland's rose from 88.4% to 104.9%
Debt in advanced world has grown during crisis; Two-thirds of fall in US household debt due to defaults
Dr Peter Morici: Investors should be wary of buying US Treasuries
Dr Peter Morici: Occupy Wall Street put nation on notice
Dr. Peter Morici: US deficit talks; On the road to Armageddon
Dr. Peter Morici: Don’t raise taxes or cut defense to solve US budget woes
Irish Economy: Deleveraging by banks and economic recovery in Ireland