Japan's trade deficit widens and GDP falls despite 33% yen devaluation
Spain's strong recovery to slow in the next few years
Euro Area GDP grows at weak 0.3% in Q2 2015
German GDP up 0.4% in Q2 2015; France's GDP stagnates
Stable growth momentum in OECD area but slowing expected in China
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US economy grew at weak pace in Q2 2015 - Worst expansion since 1945
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Developing countries facing “structural slowdown” likely to last for years
Irish Economy 2015: ESRI slams return to boom-time pro-cyclical fiscal policy
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US and world economies slowing in 2015 — OECD
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German 2015 GDP forecast cut; Jobless level at 24-year low
US economy stumbles again in 2015
ESRI says data volatility hinders Irish economic forecasting; Tax avoidance taboo cause
Ireland at 16 in international competitiveness ranking; US, Singapore and Hong Kong on top
GDP growth in OECD area slowed to 0.3% in the first quarter of 2015
Fed minutes raise doubts about fragility of US recovery
Eurozone grows faster than US and UK in Q1 2015
German GDP at slower pace, France faster in Q1 2015
Asia accounts for 40% of global output, two-thirds of global growth
Global growth slows and manufacturing dips to 21-month low
US economic growth plunged in Q1 2015
Nine of world's 20 fastest growing economies in Africa
China's growth in 2015 at slowest since early 2009
Global growth prospects uneven across major economies says IMF
Ireland: Spring Statement - Ibec seeks income tax cuts; higher public spending
Emerging markets growth lowest since 2009; Global growth at 30-year average