European Central Bank
Eurostat Yearbook 2006/07 - A mine of information including Ireland as top for municipal waste per inhabitant
What percentage of the population is overweight or obese? How many foreign languages are learnt by pupils in the EU? In which Member State are gasoline and diesel most expensive? How much waste is generated per inhabitant? The answers to these questions, and to many more, can be found in the 11th edition of the statistical Yearbook, published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Commission.
Trichet says US trumps Europe in pace of economic growth because of relative impact on productivity of the diffusion of IT and of innovation in general in the services sector
EU Grants Advisor Programme - Microsoft supported service for SMEs
Eurozone and EU27 government deficit fell to 1.5% and 1.6% of GDP respectively in 2006; Government debt at 68.6% and 61.4%
Key figures on Europe - Statistical Pocketbook 2006 - Data 1995-2005 - "Key figures on Europe - Statistical pocketbook 2006" has the objective of providing users with a balanced set of statistical data about the economic and social development of the European Union. The presentation largely follows the statistical themes of Eurostat's dissemination database. Data are generally provided for the European Union (EU-25), the Euro-zone and the EU Member States. When available and appropriate, data are added for Candidate countries, EEA/EFTA countries, Japan and the United States (PDF Format - Have patience if you have a non-broadband connection!).

Ireland received net income of €1.4 billion from the European Union in 2005 - Per capita income of €350 highest of pre-May 2004 EU15
Ireland Tops EU Aid Cash Per Head -Ireland's European Union Receipts /Payments 1973-2004
Irish top alcohol spending per capita in European Union: Three times more than the Danes who are in second place
GDP per inhabitant in 2005 varied by one to five across the EU25 Member States; Ireland 40% above average
Self-employment accounted for 16% of total employment across EU25 non-financial business economy in 2005; 30% of jobs are in businesses employing less than 10 people
European Union 2005 labour participation for 15-64 year old was highest in Denmark at 75.9%; A staggering 33.3% of Spanish workforce were in temporary jobs
Employment grew by 427,000 persons in the eurozone and 612,000 in the EU25 in Q1 2006
Unemployment in the EU25; Regional unemployment rates in the EU25 ranged from 2.6% to 30.1% in 2005 - Rates varied from 6.2% to 59.1% for young people
Euro Stability Pact: European Commission says countries are failing to provide safe margin of manoeuvre for bad times by reducing deficits more now
EU translation to cost €800 million in 2006; Irish language, Romanian and Bulgarian translation to cost €30 million in 2007; 1,324,231 pages translated in 2005
The family in the EU25 seen through figures; Two-thirds of households in the EU25 are without children
EU25 Population trends to 2050
EU25 population up by 0.5% in 2004; Almost one third of births outside marriage
Economic migration in the EU: the labour markets’ situation and demographic trends
Euro-zone and EU25 2005 government deficit at 2.4% and 2.3% of GDP
Trichet says a fall in labour productivity in euro-zone may be responsible for decline in the trend potential output growth rate
European Parliament: An irrelevant talking-shop with an annual budget of €1.2 billion?

EU Tax revenue increases for the first time since 1999, to 40.9% of GDP
Company taxation: European Commission proposes "Home State Taxation" for SMEs
European Leaders vie for Lousis XVI Prize; Democracy roadshow doomed to fail
GDP per capita in EU Member States ranged from 43% to 227% of the EU25 average in 2004; Ireland at 40% above EU average
R&D in EU27: Spend as % of GDP stable at 1.84% in 2005 - highest R&D intensities in Sweden at 3.86% of GDP, Finland at 3.48%, Ireland at 1.25%
Science, Technology and Innovation in the EU25 2004: Highest venture capital investment in Sweden and the United Kingdom
European Innovation Scoreboard : Switzerland, Finland, Sweden in lead; Ireland gets 11th rank; Irish business R&D shows both an absolute and relative decline over time
Independent expert group urges Europe’s leaders to take radical action on research and innovation “before it is too late”
EU25 Foreign Direct Investment 2005; Ireland has disinvestment of €20bn, UK biggest FDI player
EU Common Agricultural Policy
Social protection expenditure in the EU25 accounted for 27.7% of GDP; Ireland at bottom but recorded largest per capita increase
Doha Trade Round: Bono, Geldof and business lobby group IBEC go AWOL as Irish Government hides in France's shadow
EU's One Stop Internet Shop For Business
EU News - Daily News from the EU.
EU Business -commercial site with European business and general news
EU Statistics - EU Statistical Service.
Europa -- lots of information about EU with a link to a euro currency info server.

The European Patent Office - common patent protection in EU + 3 other countries
Office for Internal Market Harmonisation - trade marks and designs. EU application details.
European Information Society - EU group for promoting of Internet use for commerce
Eurotrade - a database providing practical information on trade conditions and tariffs in 23 countries and trade barriers for EU exports.
European Procurement - background information about the procurement market and links to other sites with information about procurement opportunities across the European Union and beyond. 

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