What is a Callcast ?

    CallCast allows you to record audio announcements and publish them on the Internet, by simply using your telephone.

    The flexibility and convenience of telephone access makes CallCast a quick and simple exercise from literally anywhere.

    CallCast can be a message from an individual, an interview or a conference call involving multiple parties.

    Promote your CallCast by posting the link created when a CallCast is made on your website and/or emailing it to interested parties.

    A CallCast can be made available LIVE or PRE-RECORDED for use on-demand.


    Cost Effective - CallCast is an extremely cost effective way to reach as broad an audience as you want as often as you want.

    Quick - creating a CallCast takes virtually no longer than the call itself.

    Simple - recording a CallCast is as easy as paying a bill over the phone.

    Convenient- a CallCast can be made from any telephone. You don't need access to the Internet to make a CallCast.

    Effective Promotional Tool - once completed you can e-mail, or publish, the URL link of the CallCast it as broadly as you wish.

    Web Broadcast Portal

    Leading global video and audio streaming services offer their clients the independent portal model to effectively target audiences in addition to visitors to their own websites.

    The Finfacts Portal has been online for almost 5 years and is recognised as a leading Irish website which serves both business and personal finance consumer audiences. Clients of Finfacts.TV will have a platform on the Finfacts Portal for:

    • Investor Relations audio and video streams together with a public announcement archive
    • Extranet audio/video content which the client wishes to make publicly available
    • Product launch streams and other promotional content

    The initial focus of the Finfacts TV service is on Public Limited Company Investor Relations Communication and on the Financial Services Sector where there is a compelling reason for improving communication with partners/intermediaries.

    Europe is expected to adopt investor communication regulations similar to the recently introduced U.S. regulation which requires public companies to provide information to stockholders that in the past was restricted to a select audience of analysts and fund managers. Web broadcasting is viewed as the medium for reaching multiple audiences.

    Production Services

    Finfacts.TVís services include all the features and functionality required for turnkey creation of compelling, interactive communications.

    High Quality Production

    With state-of-the-art technology, the Finfacts.TV's team of producers and editors provide end-to-end professional production and distribution.

    Synchronised Slide Presentation

    PowerPoint slides can be synchronised and integrated with the web broadcasts to highlight key components of a presentation.

    Turnkey Distribution

    Finfacts.TV delivers web broadcasts via a corporate website and the Finfacts Portal.


    • Enterprise
      • Investor Relations Communications
      • Executive Interviews
      • Product Launches
      • Employee, Sales and Partner Training
      • Internal Communications
      • Customer and Partner Testimonials

    • Financial Services
      • Improving extranets through regular video/audio communications
      • Investor Conferences