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National Consumer Agency-this body was established in July 2005 following the publication of the Consumer Strategy Group Report.

Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs-an independent statutory office, responsible for providing advice and information to consumers and for the enforcement of a wide range of consumer protection laws. The Office appears to be showing some teeth in recent times in response to public concern about profiteering and Ireland's ranking as one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

An illustration of of how much needs to be done to bring consumer protection in Ireland into the modern world was provided in April 2004 when two publicans were fined for breaching the requirement to display prices on their premises. The Judge imposed the maximum fine of €125 in respect of each count plus €240 in costs.

The Director of Consumer Affairs welcomed the Court’s decision. Carmel Foley said: “by imposing the maximum penalty allowed under the Prices Act 1958, the court is giving a clear signal that failure to comply with the Drinks Display Order is a serious matter. I have major concerns, however, that the maximum fine which can be imposed does not reflect the seriousness of the breach of the legislation. This is not a deterrent to publicans. I have, therefore, asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment to urgently address this issue with a view to raising the limit to bring it into line with that of the new Product Prices legislation where the maximum fine on summary conviction is €3,000."

Consumer Association of Ireland-is a not-for-profit organisation which receives a support grant from the Irish Government.

The public subvention and other income is clearly not sufficient to fund a useful website.

The Competition Authority-the Authority has been granted more robust powers in recent times and has also been delegated the function of reviewing anti-competitive practices of professional services bodies.

In the 7 year rule of the present Government Coalition, the taxi trade has been deregulated. However, there is no rush to challenge much wealthier vested interests.

European Consumer Centre-the Dublin Office of the European Union's consumer network. It has a very limited impact on Irish consumer issues.
The Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority-is a division of the Central Bank of Ireland and has a mandate to protect consumers by helping them to make informed financial decisions in a safe and fair market, with sound financial institutions.

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