Irish-owned exporting firms added a net 10,169 jobs in 2015 according to a survey that was carried out last October. However, jobs in exporting firms (including foreign-owned), tourism and transport, in September were below the level in mid-2008 based on Central Statistics Office (CSO) data.


Enterprise Ireland, the Government agency responsible for supporting indigenous exporting firms, reported on Tuesday the creation of 21,118 new jobs by client companies in 2015. The net rise was 10,169 jobs (taking account of job losses) which the agency says brings total employment in these companies to 192,223 (including 26,593 part-time, temporary and contract staff) — a record high for the agency.

Julie Sinnamon, Enterprise Ireland chief executive, said:

Irish businesses are making a huge contribution to the recovery in the economy and 2015 was a great year for job creation in the companies Enterprise Ireland supports...Startup companies account for over two thirds of all new jobs created in Ireland and over 200 early stage companies have been approved for investment by Enterprise Ireland.

A startup is typically a firm up to 1 year old but older firms are also referred to as startups — it's not clear what definition applies here.

End of year statement

The jobs data seems precise but it's not 1) Enterprise Ireland doesn't know how many active client companies that it has 2) the Annual Employment Survey 2015 of agency-assisted jobs will be published next June and Richard Bruton, jobs minister, has said that the response rate is as high as 80% but the initial response rate (before phone chasing for data) is not revealed and is likely much lower.

It's bizarre as well that the Annual Employment Survey 2015 main job categories (any number of sub-categories) can be used, will not correspond with the Quarterly National Household Survey (CSO) for December 2015 — the CSO's employment report — which will be published next month.

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Despite the search for superlatives on Tuesday, the performance of the indigenous international trading sector is poor:

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