The Irish broad level of unemployment was at 416,474 in October — about 19% of the workforce. The narrow level of unemployment in October was at 203,000 in October at a rate of 9.3% — this rate is the same as the average for the EU28: The EU-28 unemployment rate was 9.3% in September 2015, down from 9.4% in August 2015, and from 10.1 % in September 2014.


Live Register data published today by the CSO show that the number receiving unemployment benefit in October was 332,200. Coupled with the 74,274 in publicly funded activation schemes (in September) gives us the total of 416,474.

The number claiming the Back to Education Allowance was 17,537.

In addition to the number in activation schemes, part-time casual workers and other part-time workers who are seeking full-time work are included in the broad rate as are claimants who are not available for work in the official measure of unemployment.

The number of long term claimants on the Live Register in October 2015 was 149,603. The number of male long term claimants fell by 17,318 (-15.4%) in the year to October 2015, while females dropped by 3,971 (-6.8%), giving an overall annual decrease of 21,289 (-12.5%) in the number of long term claimants.

In October 2015, 53.4% (171,191) of all claimants on the Live Register were short term claimants. The comparable figure for October 2014 was 52.3% (187,738).

In October, Irish nationals accounted for 83.4% (267,407) of the number of persons on the Live Register. Of the 53,387 non-Irish nationals, the largest constituent group on the Live Register was nationals from the EU15 to EU28 States (29,966), followed by the UK (11,991).

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