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Irish growth forecasts cut, IMF warns of subdued global growth
Irish working-age disability recipients up 40% in 2006-2014
UK EU Brexit could cut Irish trade by 20% or maybe not
Low pay in Ireland; Lowest social security & corporate taxes in Europe
Misleading economic statistics
London top global financial centre; Dublin moves up to 46 rank
Benchmarking Irish food & drinks industry in 2015 - Part 1&2
The idiot/ eejit's guide to distorted Irish national economic data


US Tax Reform Failure- Warns EU with never-used 82-year-old law

Ireland: Apple's foreign tax rate rises to 6% from 2% in 2012
US$7.6tn hidden in tax havens - almost half annual US GDP
Ireland & Beps Tax Reform: Services exports to drop 50%
Dell hugely benefited from Irish, Dutch, Singaporean tax havens
Irish overseas 'contract manufacturing' mainly tax avoidance
Germany and UK agree to restrict 'patent box' tax incentives to local R&D
Apple says it may have to pay Ireland back tax; Foreign tax rate at 4.4%
Double Irish tax scheme axed; Conventional wisdom wrong again - Part 1 & 2
Ireland's small gain from Apple's possible EU tax probe payment
Irish corporate tax policy like property bubble driven by short-term interests
US-Ireland Tax Inversions 600,000+ staff: Kenny, Noonan met with top US corporate lawyers
Apple's principal Irish company became stateless for tax purposes from 2006
Remarkable international progress in fight against tax evasion and corporate avoidance
US company profits per Irish employee at $970,000; Tax paid in Ireland at $25,000
Bono struggling again as anti-poverty campaigner and tax avoider


Switzerland, Netherlands, Nordics lead 2015 patents to population

Firms in Japan, US, France account for 85% of Top 100 innovators

Irish Innovation 2020 Strategy Report: Wish list based on distorted data
Startup Ireland: Evidence-based revolution to make a difference
Irish, US firms with Irish HQs raise €415m to end Sept 2015
Most global tech startup exits have no venture capital funding
Heat levels in Middle East may rise beyond human endurance
Irish Innovation/ Entrepreneurship needs more focus than tax
Most global tech startup exits have no venture capital funding
Irish patents activity in 2014 remained poor
Business dynamism/ employer firm startups in US secular decline

Europe produces 13 $1bn+ "unicorn" startups in one year; London is Europe's digital capital

Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany are on top
UK and Irish business R&D heavily reliant on foreign-owned firms
Growing ICT sector in Europe accounts for 5% of employment
Ireland: Innovation with or without R&D/ scientific breakthroughs
Startups vs Scaleups: 4% of UK startups have 10+ employees 10 years later
Irish patent filings at European Patent Office fell in 2014
Israel's Startup Nation not a jobs engine; Nor is Irish high tech
Dublin Web Summit 2014: Separating hype and reality

EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard: Tax-inverted brass-plate companies dominate in Ireland

Research on 3,000 tech startups since 1980: Grow fast or die slow
Innovation: When Swiss quality is a barrier to success abroad
Web Summit 2014: Robots, humans and fallible technology
Replacing the Double Irish with Knowledge Development / Patent Box - Part 2
Irish Universities: Ready to change and world class at what price?
Dreams of European Silicon Valley & 1685 Revocation of Edict of Nantes
Computer coding is a trade that doesn't need college degree
Many high growth firms either fail or fade - Part 1
Top 1% of entrepreneurial firms in 10 countries account for 40% of job creation among startups
The Uber app economy and disruptive innovation - Part 4
Graphene: Discovery in UK commercial gains elsewhere?
Startups plunge as small number of big firms dominate key global business sectors
Imbalance in focus on tech and non-tech entrepreneurship in Ireland & elsewhere - Part 1
Up to 90% of US high tech startups fail; System of failure by design? - Part 2
Ireland: Why not a prize for failed entrepreneur of the year? - Part 3
Global Tech Cluster Rush: More failures than successes likely - Part 1
Global Tech Clusters: Dublin's Silicon Docks - - marketing label or cluster? - Part 2
World's Tech-Ready Countries 2014: Finland on top again; Ireland at 26th
Europe's top ICT Hubs: Munich, London, Paris in lead; Dublin with rank of 16
Irish Innovation: Startup fever and Ireland's dumb enterprise policy - Part 1
Irish Innovation: Israel as Startup Nation, why not Ireland? - Part 2

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Irish Tax Facts 2016

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Irish growth forecasts cut, IMF warns of subdued global growth

Real net income after tax of top global firms up 400% since 1980

Italy's lost decades but average Irish standard of living lower

Irish GDP growth weak in Q2 2016 as FDI distortions continue

Apple's stateless firm tax claims likely broke Irish law

Apple's tax woes as Irish conventional wisdom fails again

Apple's foreign tax rate fell from 12 to 2% in a decade

No surge in Irish export jobs as net migration turns positive

How Apple found a bigger tax loophole than the Double Irish

The fable of the frog and Ireland's response to Brexit

Economies and middle income trap: Ireland among few escapees

House ownership exclusion rising in UK, Ireland, elsewhere

When County Dublin's land prices rocketed 530% in 9 years

Ireland's national income per head at 56% of Great Britain's in 1922

US FDI stock in Ireland doubled since 2007, 11,000 jobs added

Real net income after tax of top global firms up 400% since 1980

Switzerland is the world’s most competitive economy in 2016

US middle class income in biggest rise in almost 50 years

Top 10% rich world incomes up 40% in 20 years as growth slowed

IMF economist questions Piketty’s explanations for rising inequality

Legal hit-man of Irish-American demagogue was Trump's mentor

The gig/ freelance economy and push for workers' rights

At least 80% of global income differences pre-determined - Part 2

Global inequality in first fall since Industrial Revolution- Part 1

UK, Greece real wages dip 10% in 8 years; Germany up 14%

Germany has low net income equality among advanced countries

Brexit: UK foreign-born population ratio is not an outlier

Irish patenting low despite high foreign investment: Part 3

Irish venture capital in 2016 — more Leprechaun Economics

Ireland's high global innovation ranking is a fiction: Part 2

Handful of nations drive innovation in frontier technologies: Part 1

Almost 60% of US jobs in firms founded before 1980

Irish tax break addiction and failed entrepreneurship

Non-experts typically better at forecasting future than experts

Does Google Ireland have 6,000 employees in Ireland?

Share Prices Irish house prices and property market information

CRH, Ryanair, BOI, Kerry account for 66% of value of Irish shares

ESRI wants Irish land tax - not overall remedy for housing crisis
Irish commercial property returns in 2014 among highest in world
Irish commercial property returns +25.9% in year to September
New Irish housing units in 2015 forecast at only 10,000
Dysfunctional development land systems in UK and Ireland - Part 1 & 2
Irish Stock Exchange: Born in 1793 - slowly dying in 2013
Established industries often beat new technology investment returns
Ireland's ISEQ share index up 14.5% in 2014; Ryanair up 56.5%

Mortgage Rates Savings Rates
Irish mortgages paid in 2014 at 1976 level; Half of house sales paid in cash

Irish Tax Facts 2016 Irish Revenue Online
Tax burden rising on workers in OECD countries Commission on Taxation Report 2009 - - Proposals on Irish tax overhaul
G-20 to support major corporate tax reform; 'Golden age' of no taxes over
Benchmarking income tax to attract Irish emigrants home - spin or substance?

Ireland's defence of Apple in EU state aid tax case is a sham

OECD: Faster job creation unlikely to return employment rates to pre-crisis levels
Typical American household income in 2013 was below the 1989 level
World set for 13 'super-aged' countries by 2020 up from 3 today
Irish Central Bank: Compendium of Economic Statistics 2013 [pdf]
Budget and Economic Statistics Ireland  [pdf]- 2013 Economics & Financial data published in Dec 2013
Globalization and Asia’s return to economic supremacy

Global Manufacturing: UK lowest cost location in western Europe; Brazil one of highest-cost countries

Developing and emerging countries are likely to account for nearly 60% of world GDP by 2030

Global Income per Capita  Irish Statistics

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17% of Irish-born live overseas; 20% of Irish population foreign-born

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UK government most open/ transparent in world; Ireland & Greece lowest ranking in Europe

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